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Currently Reading

This page has been too cluttered, so I have decided to simplify it and have a suggested reading section πŸ˜‰

Currently Reading:

Bruxy Cavey – The End of Religion

The teaching pastor at The Meeting House, great things to say in terms of the Subversiveness of Jesus in our culture… and the end of religion as we know it!

Lesslie Newbiggin – Foolishness To The Greeks

This is probably the best book I have read up to date on engaging this western culture in a missional understanding.

Dan Kimball – Emerging Worship

I keep trying to finish this book, but I never have the time… trying tho! Great insights to Emerging worship thoughts.

Scot McKnight – Embracing Grace

A Gospel for the rest of us πŸ˜‰ Starting to enjoy Scot’s material… Getting started on it.

|D.A. Carson ed. (Mark Ashton, R. Kent Hughes, Tim Keller) – Worship By The Book

Read the book already from last year’s “Worshipping Church” class, it has so much great biblical insights to worship, I’ve been going back to it again and again… especially Tim Keller’s section, “Reformed Worship in the Global City”. I hope people in the GTA will someday realize they live in the MOST “global” city in the world… and it belongs to Jesus! πŸ˜‰


Recommended Reading:

Engle – Exploring the Worship Spectrum

“Fables” – Comic Series

Chris Seay – Faith of My Fathers

R. Scott – Truth and The New Kind of Christian


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I’ve got Newbign’s The Gospel in a Pluralist Society on my reading list for the summer. If it is as good as everyone says it is, I’ll probably read Foolishness to the Greeks in the Fall, unless it seems repetitive.

Comment by Dustin Butts

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