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RHCCC tings…
June 18, 2007, 10:38 pm
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Two things:

1.  I had the priviledge of helping out with the RHCCC English Summer Retreat (which sorta became A Family Retreat plus me!) and I got to know some families in the church better 😉  I am grateful that God gave me time to spend with people at church in a more close setting and I hope there will be more to come.  Check out the slideshow photo presentation I made for sunday morning:

2.  I know some of you have been interested in RHCCC’s expansion project and I’m happy to say the design plan has been uploaded to youtube.  If you want some insider update on what’s going on in that expansion, watch this video!  Enjoy 😉


Something new [Kainos]…
May 9, 2007, 6:17 pm
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So after a long blog hiatus, I’ve some some stuff to share…

I’ve officially changed my position at RHCCC from part-time Worship Director to Full-Time Summer Intern (College/Worship).  I’ve taken up the task to help guide and direct the college/young adult group at Richmond Hill Chinese Community Church.

As the fellowship formerly known as “Kainos Fellowship”, I’ve changed the name slightly to its current identity, the”Kainos Gathering”.  The meaning of “Kainos” (Greek word) means “New” and it is quite fitting that this ministry is restarting NEW at this church.  I’ve tried to give the group a little facelift cosmetically with the help of the WONDERFUL Deborah Lau 😉  She helped design a pretty spiffy logo and schedule layout for the group!

Anyways, it is my sincere hope that this group may very well know the faith, hope and love that we share in Jesus.  I also hope this summer can help them be bold enough to make friends with people who aren’t christian and yet still grow in their faith (and hopefully sharing it).  Simple enough, but to help stimulate this growing process, we’ll be praying a lot and waiting on the Spirit to move us 😉


Here’s another [Kainos] new thing…

I just talked to my good friend Vince Fung.  He’s someone who’s worked hard for his degree, who has tried hard to follow God, yet is still going through some of the hardest times in life.   THE GRADUATED.

My prayer for Him, and for my other friends in similar situations (and boy do I have many) is that God can somehow turn their bitterness, their confusion and their S.A.D. stories… into something more beautiful than they could imagine.  Nothing ever turns out all dandy and “happily ever after…” as we see it.  I just know that God is Jehovah-Jireh, the great provider.  I believe THAT over all the “reality” that people say is more realistic than Christian “tunnelvision”.  I hope none of them can ever say aloud that the only way they could “succeed” was through their own means.  I just pray so earnestly that God will do… something?…

Lord God, change their hearts, transform their minds, not so other people (like me) can just fix their solutions with words, but so that they may know why you made them in this life…

In Jesus name, Amen.

Repenting of…
March 21, 2007, 11:40 pm
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I think after tonight I will start a small series (which could turn into a bigger one…) called “Repenting of…”.

Taking after Tim Keller’s article called “Life is Repentance” I think I need to do a bit of blog repentance.

In this blog I think I need to take some time to repent of some of my current faux-pas’.  Something that hit me hard was just in talking with my uncle tonight.  I think my tone has grown pretty arrogant at times.  My “confidence” that I exhibit at times becomes a sign of arrogance to people and I think after tonight I really do have to repent of that.  I’m a kind of person who needs to be SURE, wants to SOUND sure and wants to LEAD sure.  I’m starting to realize I need to pay attention to my own advice in terms of putting myself in other people’s shoes and hearing how I speak.

Going into ministry has put me in a lot of ackward situations that I’m still trying to deal with.  I’ve been laughed at, attacked, criticized, chastised and sometimes even simply shot down just because I’m leading a ministry at a large church.  I think it’s been quite the learning experience up til now, and I don’t think it’s as much an issue of humility or attitude re-adjustment…  but I think more of one to listen longer and respond slower.

I think I’m slowly realizing, even with my “take action” approach, the only way the action God wants to come out, will only happen if I repent of my sins/faults and let God mold me and work in my inabilities…

Lord I repent of these things and ask for your living water to restore my soul.

Life of A Sem Student…
January 17, 2007, 4:16 pm
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I apologize for this long overdue post, but I’ve been super busy…

I have actually created two new blogs, one for RHCCC English Celebration Ministry and one for my critique on the local chinese church. I will refrain from telling you the rhccc site because it has some senstive material for the church, but here is the new blog I just started up:

From Chinese To Church

My hope is that I can post some good thoughts on the chinese church and hopefully shed some light towards its renewal of the spirit, structure and understanding. I’m not trying to be prideful in trying to create solutions, but to at least start SOMETHING… we’ll see…

Anyways, this term I am taking 4 classes at Tyndale and continuing my job at RHCCC as the worship co-ordinator. I am already dying :p but God still finds a way to affirming I am where I’m supposed to be.

I had a recent talk with Jesse (Suridigo) and I told him that I always make time for my friends when we can meet because the relationships in ministry are more important than simply the service in the ministry. So if any of you want to just meet up and chat, I’d be more than happy to make time to just catch up and talk again.

Lastly, I want to give props to Pastor Sam Chan at RHCCC for laying the SMACKDOWN on all the congregations about coming on time for worship. I think I blogged a little while ago about how we treat worship as a service to us (Gas Station, HT: Dan Kimball), but we need to change that mentality. Our sunday mornings are in dire need to be understood as a WORSHIP GATHERING, we gather to worship the One True God. We want to be on time to worship God together, to not keep HIM waiting, not primarily for the sake of the worship service planners (even though that is important) but it is for Him and Him firstly. He paralleled it to going to work on time…. most people would not go to work late, but why do we gather to worship late? Corporate worship to God is part of a life of worship and that cannot we brushed aside for our comfort. Anyways, here is the respects to Pastor Sam for setting the record straight 😉

Until next post!

Chino, Rest in the Promises of the Lord…
October 23, 2006, 1:23 am
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At my home church, TCBC, I just found out a sister in Christ has passed away. Chino was a woman in the congregation who I only knew as the “girl in choir” when I was younger. She met Jim and got married and had a daughter. I knew Jim a lot better than her but she attended the church longer.

I have to admit I have always struggled in the process of grieving and mourning. I want to rest in the promises of God but at times it is hard. There’s so many questions, so many unanswered questions…

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Growing up as friends in the chinese church
September 9, 2006, 12:33 pm
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I guess this post is just gonna be a quick review of some of the thoughts I’ve been having about kids growing up into friends at the chinese church…

it’s funny how when I was younger I felt like my jr high fellowship or my high school fellowship people were close but then in our formative years, we started making friends in our respective schools or other social gatherings and etc…  but it seems like now at our church…  friendships are finding its way back at the church.

In the end, it seems our church is what brings us together, our friendships have survived a length of time.  It’s just tough that now when people are finally starting to gather, to fellowship, to put these friendships in priority…  I have to move on…


I know God is working, God is moving, and I pray He builds up His church (including my friends) for His glory and to make Jesus known to more people in the GTA.

When “Community Talk” becomes (op)(de)pressive?
August 13, 2006, 1:02 pm
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I recently found out one of my friends has just had enough of the idea of “community”.  I guess maybe not SO much community but the IDEA of community.  That if one has to be responsible of another person or responsible for a group of people, then it’s too tough.

This is probably a reminder for me that Jesus’ command to us:  Love God, love your neighbor as yourself… isn’t a cakewalk.  Not by a longshot.

Actually, I’ve been finding it tough to take when one of your good friends says a statement like “I just don’t care for these people anymore…”  I guess some people can say this person just doesn’t fully understand Jesus’ call in our lives…  who does fully understand it all?

Sometimes I think people believe that loving God supercedes loving your neighbor as yourself but HECK NO!  It’s ENTIRELY linked together!  Jesus said “I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” (Matt 25:45)  Granted, this passage was talking about the weak or the broken or the needy… but if you can’t even love your friends?  man…  it’s a crying shame…

So what happens if people “who should KNOW BETTER” are just sitting on their butts, not doing anything, or perhaps criticizing like snakes and just causing problems?  YOU CHASTISE THEM!  You REBUKE them in Jesus’ NAME! 

It’s a SERIOUSLY problem in our society nowadays when we feel we can outthink, outlogic, say it all in such a convincing manner to our bros or sis in Christ when all that’s needed is to speak with the ONLY logic that matters.  Jesus’ words.  Of course be gentle and speak in humility, but SPEAK nonetheless!

I plead for those who have given up or are starting to give up…

Don’t give up.  For the sake of Jesus, for the sake of His death and resurrection for us on the cross.  For the sake of the Kingdom of God which is here but not yet complete.  I urge you to keep living the life Jesus has called us to live…