Growth: Uncertain belief still counts as knowledge…

About: Shu-Ling Lee


My story comes out of a similar trend of asian-christians born into the asian (more specifically chinese) church but emerges and is emerging into something more than being born into, but someone transformed by the life of Jesus through the Bible.

As a christian who was born in Toronto, I’ve attended a chinese church my whole life and am currently attending Tyndale Seminary after a brief stint in Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky. As a part of my growth in knowing God, I’ve realized a few things about myself, such as: I’m gifted to lead others in worship to the Lord through music, I can’t stop relating my life or other people’s life back to the Lord, I try my best to love the people around me in the best ways I’ve learned from life and from the bible. Things I’ve also realized about myself: I’m very critical of the chinese church, I am a man full of sin fully relying on the Grace of God through Jesus’ death and resurrection, I need to read my bible more than I did yesterday, and the list goes on with that…

I can only yield to the fact that Jesus is alive, God is the creator of this world and is in control, and that the Holy Spirit is moving and has never stopped in my life and yours.

I’m kind of a sociologist (I’ve got a B.A. in it) and I gravitate towards learning from the cultures we live in whether generationally, racially, etc. I also hope to learn from others when they speak with wisdom tackling difficult issues of being Chinese and being a Christian. I seek as well for the reformation of the chinese churches in Toronto to become missional in their ecclesiology and attitude. I endeavor to share about Jesus to people I meet in the most personable and authentic way I can. If possible, I also hope God uses me to learn as much as I can in those areas so I can be a bridge-builder and peacemaker in these turbulent times when postmodernism and confusion runs rampant.

As hopeless as things seem at times, I HOPE (with great conviction) that the Lord will do wonders in the city of Toronto and especially in the local chinese church so we can break the barriers of culture and race become a city on a hill, a light for the world to see through the word of God and through our transformed lives.

I’m not Chinese nor Canadian first, I am first and foremost a Follower of Christ Jesus.


10/01/06 – I am currently working part-time as the Worship Co-Ordinator at Richmond Hill Chinese Community Church.

This post in itself is always reforming so come back sometime and see if there are changes 😉


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Hi, in searching for Michael Gungor lyrics for anciet skies, I came across your blog. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for your heart for God. I know it sounds odd, but hearing there are other people out there who’s heart solely rely on God and being a Christ Follower, is refreshing. Not just a christ follower, but someone passionate about serving Christ with everything they have. So thank you. God Bless!

Comment by Christine

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