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The History of My Acoustic Guitars
March 3, 2007, 3:23 am
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So I’ve decided to take some time to blog about my Guitar history so for those uninterested in guitar lingo and my excellent adventures with ebay purchases, you can stop now πŸ˜‰


Simon & Patrick Rosewood (1995-Present)

When I first decided to pick up the guitar for church, I was Grade 10 (around 1995-1996). I slowly stole away my dad’s trusty guitar, that he usually only played at Adult Fellowship Retreats and started to use it full time. Good ol’ Simon & Patrick Rosewood Guitar that I still own (but is currently being lent out to Dan Gam who graciously provided this picture of it), I used a external dean markeley pickup that really sounded bad and something I don’t suggest anyone to use! (Ken Foo still has that pickup btw!)


Taylor 310ce (2001-2006)

At the peak of my guitar development in 2001, I decided to purchase my first guitar with the money I had earned from working at Mitchell Family Books. The guitar I set my sights on was a Taylor 310ce which I purchased for about a great price off EBay. This Mahogany, Dreadnought beaut gave me a good reason to invest my time into practicing the guitar and especially to keep my passion for leading worship through playing guitar as well. This guitar came with a standard Fishman Prefix pickup and served me so well for 5 years until I wore down the first few frets and decided I needed a change…


Washburn J12S (2002-Present)
But in the during that time, I felt I also needed a new beat around guitar that I could bring to retreats and outdoors but one that would still have a pickup as my “backup” guitar for worship service. Again, Ebay didn’t do me wrong as I bought a Washburn J12S that was priced only under 500$US. The Small Jumbo/Grand Auditorium, solid top spruce guitar is still in my possession and over that period I decided to fit it with a Fishman Natural II pickup for the undersaddle. Then, the Fishman Ellipse came out and I decided to add it to the guitar to give it a dual source to improve its sound in amps/soundsystems. It’s still serving me well up to this day (when it’s not in Matt Mark’s house, haha).


Martin DC-16GTE (2006-2007)

During my brief one-year tenure at SBTS in Louisville, KY, I decided to sell my longtime friend, the Taylor 310ce after the last setup did not help the guitar improve from its fret deterioration. It was time for a new guitar! The Martin DC-16GTE found its way into my collection after a quick selling of my 310ce and a thrilling bid off… you guessed it… EBAY again! Mr. Chihymn Chan helped me bid on it while I was in class and also tricked me by saying we lost :p But anyways, this Mahogany Dread and glossed top ended up being my main axe for the past year. It had great reviews online and it was served its purpose, but I never truly got the kind of response I really wanted to get from it… so… I sold it to Joon Jae James recently and he’s enjoying it πŸ˜‰


Martin J-40 (2007 and beyond)

This has brought me to (hopefully) the end of my history of guitar ownership. I have finally got my dream guitar! The guitar I was first inspired by (from the playing of Shane Barnard) and the “responsive” and awesome toned sound I’ve been looking for. The Martin J-40 is one of the higher-end guitars made by C.F. Martin Co. and it has a Jumbo body (but uniquely Grand Auditorium at the top with Jumbo waist). I got it for a STEAL of a price by getting it AGAIN off Ebay! This time around, Matt bid on the guitar for me while I was helping to lead Uncovered Service at Tyndale Sunday Night… and SURPRISINGLY my bid won! 2400$ off the suggested retail price!!! The guitar, although used, is still in amazing condition for a guitar that was bought in 1999 (original owner). After meeting John Baik this year at Tyndale and hearing his Larrivee D-10 going through a LR Baggs M1 Active pickup, I decided to get one as well and got a good deal off craigslist Toronto. Thus, the history of my guitars is at an end. I hope this will be the guitar I keep the rest of my life and I hope I take good care of ol… GUMBO… haha (Guitar + Jumbo = Gumbo). Probably not the best name for the guitar… haha! Btw, I just knocked it off my guitar stand and it got nicked some… *sigh*, I better take care of it better :p


Here are two Youtube links towards the best two inspirations of guitar playing I’ve had… and they are both playing the nice Martin J-40 πŸ˜‰

John Mayer w/J-40


Shane & Shane (Barnard with J-40 and Everett with Taylor 310ce)


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Wow… makes me want to come to Toronto just so I can see it. Oh by the way, I picked up a Taylor 314-CE over the summer, as I kept saying I was going to do. Maybe I’ll do one of these guitarologies on my blog… but most of mine are at home in VA so pics would be limited. Anyways, enjoy the Martin!

Comment by Jeremy S. Haywood

It’s nice to know that the Taylor 314ce has served you well. Send me a message when you get a chance πŸ™‚

Comment by Ryan A

That’s awesome!!! I look for acoustic guitars for my boyfriend.And how to choose it.Which brands is the best ?I saw many web about this but your web is the best for me.Thank you.

Comment by Bill Hana

I had Martin build me a J-40 custom in 2002. It has an Adirondack top. It is really developing a sweet tone. One of my favorite guitars.

Comment by Michael Connors

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