Growth: Uncertain belief still counts as knowledge…

New Beginnings… Again…
April 11, 2006, 2:28 pm
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“How could these things be so?  How could they exhibit the very opposite traits than the ones McLaren says mark those who believe in foundationalism and knowledge of objective truth?  How could their lives be so refreshingly different from what I had experienced up to that times as a Christian?  How did they know joy as an ongoing reality of their Christian lives while I didn’t?  Talbot provided an environment that encouraged us to examine our doubts and questions, to feel free to raise them in a safe place where we could discuss them openly.  We looked at many kinds of evidence for out faith, including theological, philosophical, and historical.  We also studied carefully what antagonists to the faith had to say.  What I found was that there is an abundance of support for the rationality of our belief in Christianity as objectively true, against all kinds of opponents.  I also learned that my belief did not have to certain in order to still count as knowledge.”

– Scott Smith – Truth & The New Kind of Christian 

This new blog promises to have more honest attempts at open web journalling. My past blog had been, at times, subjected to a fear of being “wrong” in what I write. No more 😉 Cheers!